Three to Read: today’s top blog selection

Today we start posting a selection of the top blogs of the day, starting with the real questions OccupyLSX is asking; Boris Johnson’s support for the stealth removal of housing for the poor; and how Stephen Twigg is at odds with Labour Party opinion on free schools…


St Paul’s holy smokescreen lifts to reveal true battlefield
Ben Quinn, The Guardian

Following the cathedral’s suspension of its legal action against the protest camp, the dispute is rapidly crystallising into a stand-off between opponents of Britain’s corporate elite on one side and, on the other, the Corporation, which is committed to backing the interests of “the City”.


Ken Livingstone: Boris co-operates with ‘stealth’ removal of poor from London
Dave Hill, The Guardian

London’s mayoral candidate had been meeting residents of Hammersmith’s Queen Caroline council housing estate, which has stood close to the banks of the Thames for over 40 years. The Conservative local council, darling of David Cameron and apple of communities secretary Eric Pickles’s eye, would like to knock the whole thing down and see the construction of what it calls a “decent neighbourhood” in its place.


LabourList readers say no to free schools
Mark Ferguson, LabourList

The results from the latest “State of the Party” survey are in – and they won’t make good reading for new shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg. After Twigg indicated that Labour’s approach to free schools could change – and the subsequent fall-out – we asked LabourList readers how they felt about Free Schools. The result was conclusive – 70% of you feel negatively about Free Schools, with only 19% in favour.