We’re mobilising for Pensions Justice on N30 – are you?


Join other Next Generation Labour activists on the Day of Action

It is vital that Labour activists who support decent pensions give the unions their support. This means supporting the Day of Action on 30th November. Many activists are already mobilising around the country to show Labour members support the unions in defending pensions.

  • London: Meeting with a banner at 12 noon by Sir John Soane’s Museum on Lincoln’s Inn Fields [facebook]
  • Manchester: Meeting at 10.30am in Piccadilly Gardens before joining the demo starting in Liverpool Road [facebook]
  • Glasgow: Joining the Main Gate picket line at 9am. Look out for Labour banners at Shuttle Street at 12.30 for the march [facebook].
  • Bristol: Joining the Senate House picket line at 8am. Look out for Labour banners at College Green at 11am for the march [facebook].
  • Cambridge: Meeting at Great St Mary’s 11.30am to march to Parker’s Piece [facebook].
  • Oxford: Meeting at the Cape of Good Hope at 1.30pm [facebook].
  • Blackpool: Meet outside St John’s Church at 12noon.

Show your support – sign the statement

Over 130 younger Labour activists have now signed our statement but we need to demonstrate the strength of support for the action.

Know the arguments

Know the argumentsWith a right-wing media assault on the trade unions likely, arm yourself up with the arguments.

November 30th Pensions Day of Action local events map View 30 November Day of Action events in a larger map