Boris Johnson defies public opinion with another fare rise


Boris Johnson this morning announced his revised fare rise, following Labour’s campaign for a ‘Fare Deal’ for passengers.

Even according to his own release, this is still a 5.6% fare rise. Under Boris Johnson a single bus fare on Oyster is now up exactly 50% under the Tory Mayor – up to £1.35. Some fares are much higher – on average Tube fares will rise by RPI + 1% (6%). Some fares on TfL rail services are higher still – including some as high as 8%. There is no indication that Boris Johnson has abandoned his plan for above-inflation fare rises in future years.

Ken Livingstone said, ‘Under enormous pressure from Londoners for a fare cut, the Tories have come up with another fare rise, making Londoners hundreds of pounds worse off and meaning a single bus fare by Oyster is now up 50% under this Mayor.’

‘Rising fares under Boris Johnson or a fares cut with my Fare Deal give Londoners a very clear choice. Fares are rising when they should be cut, and as the Tory Mayro has once again failed to cut them today, I will set out next week further details of how I will cut them instead. Someone has to give a lead when people are are feeling the squeeze – with some vision and hard work this fare rise could have been avoided.’

‘London has a moonlighting Mayor with a second salary worth £250,000 and it is little wonder that he is so out of touch he thinks this fare rise is what people want.’

  • Across London on the 3rd January the Ken campaign is going to leaflet hundreds of stations to highlight the Tory Mayor’s record fare rises. Click here to join in.