Huge London Labour turnout for Ken’s Fare Deal action

The unprecedented scale of mobilisation for Ken Livingstone’s Fare Deal campaign action became apparent this morning as reports came in from Twitter that up to two thousand activists leafleted over 400 bus, tube and overground stations across London, with half a million leafletsaccording to BBC.It was the London Labour Party’s largest mobilisation for any London-wide campaign action, requiring a huge organisational task to put in place station organisers and distribution of leaflets before Christmas, but wholly reliant on people turning out on the day to do the job and speak to travellers.

Many boroughs reported they were covering all stations and some were teaming with activists covering all exits and entrances. Vicky Foxcroft said all stations in Lewisham were covered, Luke Akehurst reported all in Hackney would be leafleted and Redbridge Labour said they were all over the borough.

Many further out in south London were covered, with Charlie Mansell reporting Sutton and Cheam leafleting four stations in the constituency, and others in Bexley, Bromley and Surbiton had a good response. Some stations were swarming with Ken activists – Lee Brown said there were seventeen at Walthamstow, Ben Folley said there were sixteen at Finsbury Park and Stephen Morgan reported a dozen at Vauxhall.

And twitter was flooded with photos of candidates and activists – Val Shawcross and Chuka Umunna at Brixton, Jennette Arnold and Kirsten Hearne at Finsbury Park, Tom Watson joined Labour students at Leicester Square and Diane Abbott was at the new Haggerston station on the East London line. There were more at Tufnell Park, Highbury and Islington, Barnet, Newbury Park in Redbridge, and many others.

The scale of the turnout shows party members are getting behind the Ken campaign, and with the Fare Deal message, see Ken is standing up for and connecting with ordinary Londoners facing a financial squeeze under Boris Johnson.

It is clear is the Fare Deal message hit a chord with travellers with many clearly angry that Boris has once again imposed an inflation-busting fare increase, while Ken will cut them to save the average traveller £1000 over the next four years.

Politic Animal reported “Prob the first time ever that i’ve seen widespread actual interest from people in political leaflets handed to them in street.” Wes Streeting said “Boris Johnson’s fares rise today. Back Ken’s deal” caught commuters attention. Bus drivers in Finsbury Park also showed their support to Labour leafleters.

Following on from the early success of the phone bank, it’s clear that the Labour Party in all parts of the capital are getting behind the Ken campaign and turning out in increasing numbers, as they see Ken connecting with voters on issues that matter to him. Keep it up, and we can win in May.