Tory Mayor doesn’t like scrutiny at LBC debate


After this morning’s LBC radio debate between Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson, Brian Paddick and Jenny Jones, the Ken Livingstone campaign put out the following statement:

“Ken Livingstone won this debate – by talking about things that really matter to people like living standards and the need to cut fares and addressing the reality of life for millions of Londoners.

By contrast the incumbent Conservative Boris Johnson was obsessed with arguments from the last election, raking over old stories now well by their sell-by date and going on about cable cars and other projects of no interest to the majority.

As an incumbent who has built a brand based on being upbeat, his campaign’s relentless negatives on Ken Livingstone are damaging to the carefully constructed Boris Johnson image.

Unlike four years ago the Tory candidate is now subject to real scrutiny by the other candidates – and his touchy reactions indicate that as an establishment figure he is not used to it.”