The untouched ‘market’ of voters Labour must appeal to

Politically the maths that underpins Labour policy has been flawed, its movement towards the right to gain a few potential cusp Tory voters has left over 60% of voters not voting for any party as they do not feel represented. The growth in the Lib Dems as a Labour alternative has been created by the shift in our values and whilst they have now committed political suicide we must seek to regain our left wing values to regain those who have defected or become apathetic.

There is an untouched ‘market’ of voters who are not voting Labour yet have core Labour socialist values, it is here we need to concentrate our efforts. The benefits of a Tory government, especially in the new age of technological communication, are it inspires people to become politically astute. Up and down the country grassroots campaigns have sprung up defending public services, the disabled, the poor and the young. A mass majority of what these people are campaigning for are, what I believe to be true Labour policy strengths of equality, social mobility and fairness.

We need to stop being afraid to stand in support of these people, our support base and reason for our existence. Instead for too long, Labour has sought to water down Tory ideas as an alternative rather than being firm on the side of social justice and moral ethics. We have re-written the political dictionary using words like commissioning to make privatisation more palatable in the hope the general public would be too stupid to really understand the outcome and actions would be the same.

As someone who was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth which soon turned into a wooden chip fork thanks to Tory led economic policies, I spent my childhood campaigning and protesting against the Tories to fulfil my Fathers belief that Labour would be the saviour of hard working people, enabling opportunity for all not just the select few. To relive that time, where people can achieve based on fairness of where you want to go rather than where you came from. In 1997, when I was first able to vote I celebrated that win, but soon found myself back on the protests against Tory values, only this time pushed by a Labour government, a New Labour government. This cannot happen again and it starts with ensuring our governance structures within the party are strong to our values.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) elections are here, in the next few days you should be receiving your ballot papers and you have until the 13th June 2012 to cast your postal vote. These are important elections to drive the direction of the party for the 2015 elections, our opportunity on the left to bring the party back to its true value base and be on the side of the people.

There are candidates who are clear and proud about their left values, who want Labour to advance towards the left and give us not only a win in 2015 but a morally ethical justified win we can be proud of.


Written by Seema Chandwani

This post originally appeared at LabourLeft