Mobilise against the cuts – march with the unions in October

Whether we are students, trainees, in work or out of it, young people are facing unprecedented attacks – Young Labour must lead the fight against them. This autumn is set to be a period of protest, with both the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the National Union of Students (NUS) holding national demonstrations, and it is vital that Young Labour members help build for this to show we stand together as students and
young workers in the fight against the Tory-led Government.

Be it fighting fees, cuts to EMA or discrimination in our wage and benefits system – whatever our situation as young people, our fight must be united.

Young Labour showed strong support for the TUC’s March for the Alternative last year and we can give an even bigger presence this time. Marching at the TUC demo on 20th October will show our solidarity with public sector workers fighting pay cuts, our opposition to youth
unemployment, our resistance to any repeal of workers’ rights and our support for the wider struggle against austerity.

Young Labour members across the country are helping to build trade union membership by volunteering for schemes like Unite in Schools, taking the message of the Labour movement to those about to leave secondary education; or supporting and establishing GMB student worker branches on university campuses.

Young Labour trade union activists must be reaching out to these members and offering support to positive schemes that strengthen and promote our union link.

As activists we should be supporting local and national actions, establishing links with our affiliated unions’ young members groups and spreading the word across our networks that this autumn will mark two of the biggest demonstrations of opposition to the Government since
they came in to power, and that Young Labour will be a part of it.

By Shelly Asquith