Get Involved

As the next generation of Labour supporters, we want a positive agenda from Labour that articulates a modern left politics to reconnect with the coalition of supporters it lost and the vast majority opposed to the Tories’ reactionary agenda.

We have started with an initial statement, but there is much more to say and do.

This is a space for open discussion where we encourage you to get involved in generating new ideas for the party.

  • Write for the blog: if you support the statement, then we encourage you to write your own article for the blog – just email in to propose an idea.
  • Come to a meeting: we have planning meetings and public events coming up in the near future – come and share your ideas, make sure you’re on the email list for details.
  • Spread the word: you can help us get the message out more widely, just by liking and sharing links on facebook or following and retweeting us on twitter.