Ideas for Youth Day

We welcome the Youth Day at Labour Party Conference; it’s great to see young people and young members being put at the heart of Labour as we move forward as a Party and as a movement.

Our generation is suffering at the hands of the Tory-led Government; high unemployment is cutting off opportunities for school leavers and graduates who are desperate to start contributing to our families, our communities and to society. With the epidemic of unpaid internships, opportunities are being denied to young talented young people who simply cannot shoulder any more debt.
But these are only our thoughts on why young people need to be front and centre in the Labour Party; you may well have things to add.

Today Next Generation Labour is launching a campaign to bring your ideas and a bit more openness to conference.
We want the Labour Party to have a two-way conversation with us. For a generation attached to our iPhones and social media this is so easily possible. A website could be quickly and easily set-up to allow members to submit ideas for discussion – this is something it should look at.

Today we’re just asking you to join us in calling for more openness on Youth Day at Labour Party conference and add your thoughts on what you want discussed.

Add your name if you support the call for more openness at Youth Day, and tell us what you want to discuss there.

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