London Labour MPs challenge Boris over 50p tax


Dear Boris,

Yesterday’s cut in the top rate of tax was a victory for you and the super-rich.

Despite remaining silent on the VAT rise, the NHS Bill and eye watering rises in fares – you have led an energetic campaign to cut tax for the richest 1% of people in the Capital.

At a time when tax credits are being slashed, fares are rising and people on low and middle incomes are feeling the squeeze – we believe that you should have been campaigning for measures that will help all Londoners, not just your friends in the City.

Your own diary shows that you have met with bankers and hedge fund managers more times than you have met with the police. They are your most vociferous supporters and provided 84% of the funding for your campaign in the last election. The fact that they will be the largest beneficiaries of this tax cut makes us wonder whether you have to be a Tory donor to get a Mayor to campaign on your behalf.

You have spent a long time lecturing about honesty and transparency during this campaign. You should begin by releasing the minutes of all of your meetings with bankers and hedge fund managers.

Given that they stand to be the biggest beneficiaries of your campaign on the top rate of tax, you will no doubt want to assure the public that you have acted in a manner that is beyond reproach.


Yours Sincerely,

David Lammy MP, Sadiq Khan MP, Jon Cruddas MP, Diane Abbot MP, Karen Buck MP, Rushanara Ali MP, John Cryer MP, Andy Slaughter MP, Joan Ruddock MP, Teresa Pearce MP, Heidi Alexander MP, Virendra Sharma MP, Jim Dowd MP, Mike Gapes MP