David Lammy backs Ken Livingstone on rent control

David Lammy last night backed Ken Livingstone’s proposals for a London Living Rent on BBC Question Time, when he highlighted it was slum landlords rather than tenants who benefited from high housing benefit payments. Watch here:

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He said:

“Who’s gonna get the money? Who’s getting the money in housing benefit? Slum landlords, on the whole are getting the money in many parts of this country.

So what we need, and Ken Livingstone is proposing this in the London elections, is rent control. That’s what we need. Not private landlords profiteering from the poorest in the country. We need rent control but I suspect neither of these two [Jeremy Browne - Lib Dem MP, Elizabeth Truss - Conservative MP] are going to mention rent. They don’t want to regulate the landlords, what they want to do is regulate the poorest people in this country.”